22 Jul '18

10 Things Too Many Unhappy People Want More Than Happiness

10 Things Too Many Unhappy People Want More than Happiness

Once upon a time, a young girl awoke hungry and thirsty.  She hadn’t consumed anything to eat or drink for as long as she could remember… and she was lost in a vast desert without food, water, shelter, or any kind of parental care.  But she wasn’t scared.  She was ready!

For throughout her short life, the universe had been crystal clear with her: while other children were granted easier lives in happy homes with loving parents, Christmas trees and birthday parties, her destiny was very different: it was to know suffering… so she could find ways to alleviate suffering in others.

The young girl’s heart pounded hard as she watched the sun rise over the distant horizon.  And she wondered how much more her deprived little body and mind could take.  She was struggling in so many ways, yet she let the universe know, as she often did, that if today was the day… it was OK.  But she wouldn’t (more…)

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