13 Jun '18

Online Summer Classes for Kids that are Perfect for Down Time

If you’re like me, this summer you might find yourself desperately needing something to fill the space between the trips to the pool and the park play dates.  Sure, it’s great to spend time outside and get all the energy out.  But, summer is long.

There are a lot of hours in the day and parents are like cruise ship directors in the summer. Kids want to know, what are we eating and what are we doing next?

We’ve rounded up a list of 9 different free online summer classes that you can use with your kids when you’re looking for some quiet downtime at home.  The fact that your kids are learning while they’re having fun is bonus.

 Free Online Summer Classes for Kids

  1.  Jam is a website that has everything from Drawing Bootcamp to Mad Science.  There is a small membership fee, but the first two weeks are free.  So, that’s enough time to get your kids excited about art, science and more.
  2. Dogo News teaches kids about the news in a way that makes it interesting and fun.  You can even join a summer reading club through the website.
  3. Google has a website called Made it With Code.  This is great for kids that love computers and teaches them the basics of coding.
  4. Another great site for coding is Coding Avengers.  The site is broken down by ages and even though there is a small membership fee, this one has a free trial program.
  5. Open Culture wants to teach kids about Physics.  They use comic books to inspire a love of science in children- so smart!
  6. Carla Sonheim has 6 free art lessons for kids hosted on a beautiful website.  You can even join the facebook page to share your paintings and learn more about art.
  7. Check out Petra Lingua for a free trial of language learning.  This site is specifically designed for kids and you can choose from a variety of language lessons.
  8. YouTube is a great resource for free online classes.  Crash Course specializes in history, but also offers math, science and study lessons for kids.
  9. Music with Lindsey is a YouTuber that teaches kids about singing and rhythm.  Her lessons are geared toward younger children.

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