1 Jan '14

Ten ways to make Your Life Happy !

Happiness designed to encourage a feeling of satisfaction. Happiness will come in different ways.
It could be socializing, worship, prayers, exercising, meditation, watching TV, shopping, chatting on the internet or mobile, surfing the internet, housework, driving and especially sharing your feelings with parents, spouse, friends, children, relatives or even being alone can make you happy.
The most importantly leading happiness in life will come through these ways.
Physical: sleeping, drinking, sports.
Emotional : love, sex, romance.
Social : shopping, friends, dating, family, music, peace, freedom.
Material: money, business, food, clothes, medicines.
Spiritual: enlightenment, meditation
Others: hobbies, work, cinema.

Ten ways of Happiness:
1.Imagination is Power:

Everyone will experience this fact once in lifetime. If you feel bad and discourage yourself, it will not reveal the real truth of happiness. If you imagine happy you will be happy all the time, you will see right way of life and feel more happy and becoming better and better, day by day !
2.Good Relationship:

Happiness comes from good relationship. You feel happy when your surrounded by people who like you. Improve relationship with self, family, relatives, friends & God.
Realize the value of love spread it everywhere but ensure that your relationship with right company at right time because blind love is very dangerous, if you cannot adjust easily with someone leave from them.
Make more friends but share your personal feelings with loved one.
Remembrance is precious gift for humans to remember happy moments in past life and make you feel happy whenever your feeling bad.
Enjoy life with bank of love and open heart welcome for friendship will make you and feel you better & better.
3.Happiness makes Mentally more strong:

Powerful people can live happily and peacefully. power is available in various way. We won’t recognize it. Grab the powers and become powerful for feeling happy forever.
Emotion are power as well as serve as major obstacle to discharging power. Learn to control the emotions like anger, fear, jealousy. An emotionally balanced person is more happier than other and also attain success more.
Joy will show by smile. Even if your smile artificially will alter your mood laugh a lot and use it as a therapy to feel happy.
4.Work Happily:

Work is important role to fulfill your needs. you feel happy whenever your needs are fulfilled. Even if your doing repetitive  work, take entertaining part of work and do it happily.
Enjoy your work always dream your future of your work forget past and living in the present and think about your vision life positively and put seeds of happiness it will give tasty fruits, breeze and secure your life.
Take  mission of  Your life and think your vision as driver to make smooth life.
5.Good Habits:

Find out your bad habits and to prepare action to encounter them. Imagine yourself that bad habits destroyed and good habits developing more inside in your soul. keep touch with people who read books, listen to music there is good chance that you will pick up good habits.
Some research shows our mood depends upon the type of food we eat, so eat energetic foods and you neurons make you feel happy.
6.Trust yourself and others:

Belief is everything.
1.Never believe  in rumours and superstition.it will pollute mind by posing mental blocks, bringing down your self-confidence.
2.Selfish people generate rumours for self gain.
3.Superstition is a stumbling block to progress.
4.Positive thoughts bring happiness.

Good health and Good mood depends upon the way your maintain your surroundings neat & clean. If your keep maintain your place very clean both your physical and mental integral part feel good and positive energy will evolve around your place.

Change is necessary to enjoy the happiness.
1.Aligning self with the vision.
2.Balancing the needs.
3.Adapting self with the changed agitation brings happiness.

You feel happy when your relaxed. Manage your time to take relaxation its golden truth for happiness take a long drive, listen good music especially deep sleep is very important to relax your soul.
10.Avoid Selfishness:

Selfishness is human disease which will affect all human beings at some point which will make you evil and put you in dark part of shadow of life. Don’t settle down in that come out you can see beautiful life when you will help someone.
Don’t be a SELFISH, Be a GOLDFISH to attract everyone!
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