22 Dec '13

Various reasons why our Thinking is our own Enemy ?

People use to blame others when something worse happens to them. But, most of the time, we don’t recognize the problem of our own thinking. Whatever happens to our life is the reflection of our own thinking. May look stupid but its unbelievably true. There are many ways of thinking which affects our day to day life.
Why our Thinking gets us into trouble because we often  are

·         uncertain, muddled, or puzzled
·         jump to conclusions
·         fall short to think-through effects
·         lose track of our objectives
·         are impractical
·         concentrate on the insignificant
·         do not discover contradictions
·         accept incorrect details
·         ask unclear concerns
·         offer unclear responses
·         ask loaded concerns
·         ask unimportant concerns
·         puzzle concerns of various kinds
·         response concerns we are not proficient to respond to
·         come to conclusions based upon incorrect or unimportant info
·         disregard info that does not support our view
·         make reasonings not validated by our experience
·         misshape information and state it erroneously
·         overlook the reasonings we make
·         pertained to unreasonable conclusions
·         overlook our presumptions
·         typically make unjustified presumptions
·         miss out on vital concepts
·         use unimportant concepts
·         kind puzzled concepts
·         kind shallow ideas
·         abuse words
·         disregard appropriate perspectives
·         can not see problems from viewpoints aside from our own
·         puzzle problems of various kinds
·         are uninformed of our bias
·         thinking directly
·         thinking imprecisely
·         thinking illogically
·         thinking one-sidedly
·         thinking simplistically
·         thinking hypocritically
·         thinking ostensibly
·         thinking ethnocentrically
·         thinking egocentrically
·         thinking irrationally
·         fall short to reason well with troubles
·         make bad choices
·         are bad communicators
·         have little idea into our lack of knowledge
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