25 Dec '13

Happy People are the Most Powerful People !

Powerful people are always feeling good whatever the situation may be. They have the ability to control their emotions, utilize unused power and gains the power.
Buddhist Philosophy
The man has all the powers within himself to overcome his difficulties and 
problems but it is necessary to build a superior mind, which gives greater strength & ability to ensure a happy life.
My close friend’s boss often used to say about problems.He is like a time  bomb, no one else know whens he will explode. Two options are available  to my friend to save himself from his devastation either he has defuse  it or pass it  to someone. The best option is to defuse either by self  or by seeking help from others.
Powerful people can do both based on situations. We feel better when we are powerful. so always be powerful to feel better. Power means not Money Power, Muscle Power, Man Power or Political leaders who are proud of  their “Power of positions”. They use to go any kind of extreme level to  get their position.
But the real power is a true leadership. With the use of such power, one  can control people and attract larger crowd to their side. Many other  forms of power also there, which are more effective to get success and   happiness.
Power of Emotions, Power of Asking, Power of Behaving, Power of Thinking, 
Power of Knowledge, Mind Power and Willpower,Power of convenience and 
Power of Silence.
If you use anyone of the power from these,you will become more powerful and more happy in your life.
Power can be defined as real as well as imaginary even an imaginary power can enhance the sense of real happiness.
What is an Imaginary Power?
A Bullock cart is pulled by a pair of oxen with a dog tied to a rope in  the space between the oxen.If one of the bullock shows down the dog  barks then the bullocks immediately speed up.This makes dog more  powerful here, it gives a false feeling of power to the dog, which feels that it is not only pulling the cart but controlling the movement of  the bullocks as well.
So,Imagine yourself more powerful but don’t imagine like Evil, you will be become Devil..

Image Courtesy: mikefleischmann.net

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